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Elder’s Summit

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Elder's Summit This past weekend I was running audio for a small Church Elder’s Summit at Camp Blue Ridge in Montebello, VA. About 75 attended, and it was a small simple event, but gave me some good practice with the new sound system at work. On to the next event!

Interviewing in a Library

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Interview Setup

Today I was helping to interview some students and teachers for a school promo project. We were shooting in what must have been the worlds smallest library!

Two cameras, two lights, a mic, and some very nervous kindergarteners… We even saw tears once!

In all, it went well, and brings this project one step closer!

Virginia Production Alliance

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So yesterday I discovered the existence of the Virginia Production Alliance. I had no idea something like this existed here! They help organize and network film and media producers all over Virginia, and have a chapter here in the Shenandoah Valley!

Turns out, that same night they were having a seminar locally to me! So, I went!

As it turns out, this particular seminar was focused very much on film production and all that is involved with that. I am not a film producer, but it was still an interesting talk, and was a good ice breaker. I found out that they have monthly meetings in the area, and next month they are hosting a photography seminar to help teach photo basics to those who are scared of the manual mode on their DSLR cameras.

That kind of thing is right up my alley! So I offered to help teach the workshop! Not sure where that will end up yet, but it was a start! If anything, I should be able to start networking with local photographers, and maybe pick up some freelance work on the side?

Who knows!

Here we go again!

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Yep, I reset my blog again. Found a theme I like, and probably will do some work customizing it as I go.

I have been wanting to blog more anyways, and this is a good place to do it. I want to share interesting stories I find, cool pictures and videos, and other resources I find useful.

And sometimes i may just ramble. We shall see!